Taijiquan translates as "supreme ultimate fist". In this we can see that an aim of practicing Taijiquan is to become one with Tai Ji the "Great Pole", which is related to the ultimate beginning, the stillness, the void before the creation of the polarity of Yin and Yang. Therefore there is a relationship with the Pole Star, which is the only star that does not move and therefore conjures the image of stillness.

Taijiquan originates from the martial art - Wu Shu - and is mostly done in slow motion. It is considered to be an internal or soft style of martial art. Each form and style is based on its own principles and theories, but all have a common philosophy of relaxation of the mind and body so that Qi can flow freely to restore health, bring longevity, mental freshness and spiritual development. Taijiquan aims at well-being, including the attainment of grace and balance and the promotion of physical, mental and emotional health. This is done through slow movement where the flow of Qi and the breathing is coordinated.

Taiji can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities, and can be modified to suit individual needs and limitations. It can be practiced alone or in a group setting, and requires no special equipment or clothing.

It is said that Taijiquan was developed by Zhang San Feng, a Daoist monk of the Wudang mountains, who believed that martial art practitioners don't need to use physical strength when performing techniques. Instead trough relaxation of mind and body they could neutralise any confrontation. In his "tai chi chuan treatise" he for example says:

"Once in motion, every part of the body is light and agile and must be threaded together."


In the lessons the emphasis lays first in the repetition of the movements. One learns a certain form which contains a specific order of movements. One will see and learn how those movements are done and what they are used for. Every part of a form and every movement opens certain energetic pathways in one's body and is therefore bringing balance. It is said that by repeating certain movements and exercises which are good for one's health, one lives longer.

The styles that are taught by Bernhard are first of all Yang style. Next to that one can also learn Sun style. In every class one is taught the basics of Taijiquan and the basics of Pushing Hands / tui shou. Furthermore there are classes with Sword / jian and Double Fan as well as classes with Bagua and Xinyi.

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We are both long time practitioners of Chinese Medicine and are treating people, that are asking for our help



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In our place you can book arrangements with staying in gites or yurte with booking of treatments and/or Taiji or Qigong lessons. We also organise and give different courses.

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