Craniosacral therapy is based on the self-healing capacity of our body. Like acupuncture, it addresses the blockages that have arisen throughout our lives, whether due to trauma, emotional events or living conditions. During the Craniosacral treatment, the therapist makes contact with the body through the hands and feels where the blockages are located.

Craniosacral therapy was developed from Osteopathy by John Upledger. He made use of the fact that our body largely consists of connective tissue, which provides protection, firmness and mobility of the body. All structures in our body are connected through this connective tissue. The so-called Craniosacral rhythm can be felt through the connective tissue. This rhythm is the pulsation that takes place due to the production and drainage of the cerebrospinal fluid that runs through the Cranium (head) and spine to the Sacrum (= sacrum) and can be felt throughout the body. Through this rhythm, the therapist can feel where the blockage is located in the body. By then going to these blockages with our (=therapist and client) attention, awareness can come about what causes the blockade. And the moment awareness occurs, the blockage can dissolve. In other words, the connective tissue can relax, which activates the body's self-healing capacity.

Sometimes it happens that there is a release of energy accompanied by an emotional release. This process is called Somatic Emotional Release. The Craniosacral therapist has had training to support these moments so that you can go home in balance.
What does the treatment look like: The first time, the complaints are extensively examined and questions are asked so that the therapist gains insight into the origin of the complaints and which structures are involved. You will then be invited to sit or lie down on the treatment table and we will test where the blockages are located. Then energy and attention are brought to the blockages through gentle touch so that they can dissolve.

Indications Craniosacral therapy: Complaints in the muscles and joints, complaints after old injuries, emotional complaints, complaints after trauma, eg whiplash, and so on. But complaints of the abdomen, stomach area, menstruation problems, intestinal complaints and headaches can also be an indication. In addition, Craniosacral therapy also works with techniques in the mouth that can solve problems resulting from dental correction. Think of braces or implants. Craniosacral therapy can also be a solution for fear of the dentist, chronic inflammation of the cavities and teeth grinding.



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